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Police: Al-Shabab extremists kill 8 on bus in northern Kenya

Photo Credits: Digital Kenyan COPS

8 people have been confirmed dead and several others injured after suspected Al Shabaab militia attacked a bus they were travelling in at Wargadudu village, Tarabaj constituency Wajir County.

The Medina bus was enroute to Mandera from Nairobi before suspected alshabab militants ambushed killing 8 passengers.

Tension is currently high in Kutulo town as report reveals the militant separated the passengers into two groups shooting down all the non-locals on board.

The incident occurred between Wargadud and Kutulo town.

The dead bodies still at scene, the bus is currently in kutulo wajir police station, the bus was carrying 13 non locals 9 is so far confirm dead 3 escaped one Small child was left unharmed.

Commanders with logistic vehicles proceeding to Mandera there as been an incident between Tarbaj and Kotulo Wajir.Alshabab have stopped a Mandera bound bus and killed about 8 non locals.

Halt the movement of your logistics lorrys not to go past Tarbaj for an ambush targeting response teams is most likely.

Preliminary reports indicate majority of the victims to be Police officers going back to their duty stations in Elwak and Mandera.