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Fragile States Index 2020: Chile and Mozambique Rate as Most-Worsened Countries

Cityscape and roads in Santiago, Chile. Phopt by Public Domain.

Chile, Mozambique, and Libya Most-Worsened Countries in 2020

Fund for Peace’s 2020 Fragile States Index (FSI) has rated Chile as the most-worsened country since last year, after recent large-scale protests over economic and social inequality and a heavy-handed government response highlighted underlying vulnerabilities.

The FSI is an annual rating of global fragility based on twelve social, economic, and political indicators that blends social science with a unique triangulated methodology that uses a technological platform to integrate vast amounts of quantitative and qualitative data.

Mozambique rated as the second most worsened country in 2020 in the wake of severe natural disasters that exposed the country’s long unaddressed vulnerabilities compounded by renewed conflict in the north of the country. Libya meanwhile saw a continuation of its long-running civil war and deep factionalization that saw it rate as equal second most worsened country for 2020.

Yemen Most Fragile State in 2020

Yemen has again claimed the top position in the FSI as a result of its continuing civil war and humanitarian catastrophe. Yemen’s top ranking is the result of its rapid worsening over the past decade, with a brutal civil war which has been compounded by regional instability and power plays, causing unspeakable suffering for its population. Meanwhile, Finland has claimed the position of least fragile state for the eighth year in a row.

United States and United Kingdom Among the Most Worsened Over the Long-Term

Over the long-term, Libya, Syria, Mali, Yemen, and Venezuela have continued to unravel amidst varying levels of protracted conflict and instability. Though many of the most worsened countries of the FSI are either lesser-developed or the scene of conflict (or both), the Top 20 most worsened since 2010 also includes the United Kingdom and the United States, both of which have experienced years of tumultuous politics and social division.