Victoria Media – Further Edition

:TERRORISM IN FINLAND: New house searches in the criminal investigation to the Turku knife attacks

The police have continued active investigation to the knife attacks in the Turku centre on Friday. The offences are investigated as murders with terrorist intent and their attempts. The police have made new searches of premises e.g. in Runosmäki suburb in Turku. New apprehensions have not been made. The stabbings were reconstructed in the Turku centre in this morning. Reconstructions like this one are routine in criminal investigation to serious offences.

The police have not been able to interview the main suspect yet. However, his interview will be arranged today, if possible. Interviews of the four other suspects have continued, and they have been and are willing to cooperate with the police. No decision has been made yet as to whether a demand for placing them in pre-trial detention will be left to the Varsinais-Suomi District Court. Their involvement in the incident has not yet been fully established, and their positions in criminal investigation may change in the course of the investigation.

The police have also interviewed eyewitnesses, and their interviews will continue for several days. Yesterday the police opened a WhatsApp account for photos and video material of the incident (phone number: 0465342316). The police have received material there already, and want to thank the public for delivering them. Sending material to the above WhatsApp account is still possible.

In respect to the victims, the police are not aware of any significant changes in their health. Some of the victims have been interviewed already, but some are expected to have in better state of health until they are interviewed.