Victoria Media – Further Edition

Statement from Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick from the scene of the incident at Finsbury Park

“We are here as you are well aware because of the terrible, terrible attack that took place last night. We have a number of people in hospital whose lives are turned upside down. We have one person who has died and as you are aware a man has been arrested.

“This was quite clearly an attack on Muslims who looked like they were probably Muslims and they were coming from a prayer meeting. We treat this as a terrorist attack and we in the Met are as shocked as anybody in this local community or across the country at what has happened.

“We take all forms of hate crime and violent extremism incredibly seriously and wherever we possibly can we will seek to prevent attacks and if we cannot prevent an attack then we will seek obviously to bring people to justice.

“This is a highly-integrated, truly diverse and multi-cultural place. The relationships between the police and communities here are very important to us and are mostly very good indeed.

“I have just come from a meeting of people of 20 faiths, all from the local communities, who are saying as I say, the people who perpetrate attacks like this think they will break our society down and cause division between us and they won’t do this; and they won’t win. This is a very resilient city and this is a very, very resilient set of communities.

“I will finish by offering my deepest condolences to the family of the man who has died and I am sure all our thoughts are with everybody who has been so horribly affected by this.

“My police officers responded last night within a minute and we had a large presence here within 10 minutes. You’ll be aware that we have also responded to other attacks over the last few weeks and we are also of course still all of us working very hard in relation to the recovery from the horrible events at Grenfell Tower and the investigations that flow from that.

“This is, as Her Majesty said, a sombre time and last night has added to that sombreness but I can say in relation to the Met, it does nothing other than strengthen our resolve to get out there, prevent attacks and protect our communities, and the people in the Muslim communities attending prayers will see their police protecting them in the coming days and nights.”