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:VIDEO: Spanish National Police Force seizes 20,000 military uniforms and accessories intended for Al-Nusra Front and DAESH

​Following on from the anti-terrorist police operation against Jihadi activities undertaken by the General Commissariat of Intelligence of the Spanish National Police Force on 7 February, during which seven people were arrested for providing logistical and financial support to the terrorist groups DAESH and Al-Nusra Front operating in Syria and Iraq, the Spanish National Police Force opened three goods containers (two in Valencia and one in Algeciras) with links to the companies of the now dismantled international network. Close to 5,000 kilos of military clothing (approximately 20,000 uniforms) being sent to the terrorist organisations Al-Nusra Front and DAESH were seized.

The business network that the terrorist organisations had created was highly effective at responding to the orders placed by the terrorist organisation DAESH, as well as at offering the best price and quality for the required goods. To do so, they had created an international network of suppliers for technological goods, arms and military equipment which was sent to areas controlled by DAESH, thus directly supporting the continuity of and strengthening this terrorist group.

The military uniforms seized were found in large bundles hidden among others containing different types of clothing. The military garments were of similar characteristics to those found during the searches carried out as part of the police operation on 7 February.

The containers carrying the military uniforms were declared to contain “second-hand clothing” in order not to raise suspicion and pass the various customs inspections without difficulty, as one of the activities in which the companies of those arrested were engaged was the export and import of second-hand clothing.

With the almost 20,000 military uniforms and accessories seized, it would have been possible to fully equip an army ready to enter combat in any of the fighting hotspots where Jihadi terrorist groups are active around the world.

This police operation led to the neutralisation of a highly active and efficient business network, the main aim of which was to supply, preserve and strengthen the military structures of the terrorist group DAESH with a constant and ongoing supply of military material, as well as to establish financing channels.

The operation was led and supervised by Central Criminal Investigation Court Number 6, and coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Spanish National High Court.