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MET OFFICE: Further stormy weather on the way

29 January 2016 – More spells of severe weather are likely to affect the UK over the next few days. Keep up to date with the latest for your area using our forecast pages

Following Storm Gertrude, the weather is going to remain unsettled over the coming days with the prospect of further deep Atlantic depressions bringing spells of wind, rain and snow at times. You can stay up to date with the latest forecast for your area using our UK forecast pages and Severe weather warnings. You can also view our latest forecast Videos

On Friday night and during Saturday it will remain very windy in the north of the UK with severe gales across Scotland. These strong winds will be combined with frequent sleet or snow showers, leading to some drifting and blizzard conditions, especially over high ground, but even at low levels for a time. Severe weather warnings for wind and snow have been issued for Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England.

Elsewhere, winds will ease with some heavy rain at times across southern parts of England and Wales, but this clearing towards dawn. Saturday will bring brighter and colder weather across much of southern England and Wales.

A quieter spell of weather is likely Saturday night and into Sunday, with milder, wetter weather spreading from the southwest.

As we move towards Monday another vigorous low pressure system in the Atlantic will be approaching the UK. Currently, this system is expected to pass just to the north of Scotland, bringing very strong west or southwesterly winds across much of the UK. Gales or severe gales with heavy rain are expected across northwestern parts. These winds could bring disruption to transport as well as power supplies.

Will Lang, Chief Operational Meteorologist said: “With several periods of severe weather forecast to affect the UK over the coming days, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on the forecast and the National Severe Weather Warnings as the details of what areas are to be affected and when, are likely to change. Our forecast pages, Facebook and Twitter sites and our Weather App can all help you keep up to date with the weather so that you can plan ahead and be prepared.”